Toxicologist Reacts to Hailey Bieber’s Skin Care and Makeup Routine

In a recent video posted on the Vogue YouTube channel, Hailey Bieber shared her beauty and skincare routine, revealing some of her favorite products. As a Board-Certified Toxicologist and advocate for reducing toxic exposure, I’ll provide insights on the ingredients used in Hailey’s routine and highlight any potential concerns for consumers. Remember, this analysis is for educational purposes, and it’s essential to do your own research to find the best skincare options for you.

In my latest YouTube video, I react to Hailey Bieber’s skincare routine and her very own Rhode Skincare brand.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Which of Hailey Bieber’s skincare products contain questionable 🚩ingredients
  • How I feel about her Rhode Skincare line
  • Low tox dupes for these cult classics to get you glowing without the dose of toxicants! (Links in the blog post below and the Description for the video)

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Hailey uses an Environ toner, which contains several ingredients. For a simpler alternative, I recommend using plain rosewater, such as Cocokind’s USDA certified organic rosewater toner. It consists of just rosewater with a touch of preservative to maintain freshness. This minimalistic option, available at Target and online, can be a healthier choice.

Peptide Glazing Fluid and Barrier Restore Cream

The peptide glazing fluid Hailey uses contains synthetic thickeners derived from petroleum. These thickeners may undergo processes involving carcinogens, leading to potential contamination. While the long-term health risks of such ingredients are uncertain, it’s worth considering alternatives with more wholesome and minimally processed ingredients. Earth Harbor offers a low-toxic organic peptide serum that avoids synthetic thickeners like carbomer.

Occlusive Patches and Eye Cream

Hailey applies silicone sheets as occlusives to enhance product penetration. However, this technique can increase the risk of toxic absorption if the underlying product contains harmful ingredients. I recommend using organic and low-toxic skincare options, like the Herbivore Nova eye cream, especially when using occlusive layers like these Pacifica Reusable Undereye Masks.

Foundation and Concealer

Hailey’s Chanel foundation includes glycols, synthetic petroleum derivatives with higher risks compared to plant-derived ingredients. Fragrances in cosmetics can contain various chemicals, including phthalates, and provide no functional benefits. Choosing fragrance-free options is advisable. Kosas offers a cleaner concealer, while 100% Pure provides an organic alternative that is Dr. Yvonne Approved.

Powders and Palettes

Talc, a common ingredient in powders, carries the risk of asbestos contamination, a carcinogen. Brands like Tom Ford and Dior use talc and synthetic vinyl-like ingredients, making them less safe choices. Opting for 100% Pure’s food-based powder ingredients or other low-toxic brands can be a better option.

HAN Skincare Cosmetics eyeshadows are another great option!

Eyebrow Products

Some Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow products contain parabens, which may activate breast cancer genes. Look for low-toxic alternatives like Plume, known for its amazing brow pomade and refillable brow pencil.

Mascara and Lip Products

MAC and Dior mascaras, as well as the Rhode lip treatment, contain synthetic and potentially harmful ingredients. Avoiding toxins in lip products is key to reducing your toxic load since some is ingested.

Switching to cleaner options like Lily Lolo Mascara, Plume Mascara, or FitGlow Beauty Lip Colour Serum, and FitGlow Overnight Lip Mask can provide safer alternatives.


While Hailey Bieber’s routine has room for improvement, she did make cleaner choices with certain products.

Key considerations include avoiding talc, synthetic thickeners, and fragrances. Opting for products with organic and minimally processed ingredients can be beneficial. Remember to read ingredient labels and do your own research.

For further guidance on understanding ingredient labels and detoxifying your skincare routine, consider exploring the Safe Ingredient Academy, an online program focused on clean beauty and personal care products.


By making informed choices, you can prioritize your health and well-being while enjoying a beauty routine that aligns with your values.

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