About Me

I'm a PhD Toxicologist and mom of two girls obsessed with helping consumers like you reduce their toxic burden, protect their families, and thrive. I've spent more than half my life studying Toxicology, male & female reproduction, infertility, and cancer as a laboratory researcher. I also worked as a Senior Toxicologist in the flavor & fragrance industry, which helped me realize my true calling. It's my passion to share the priceless lessons I've learned on my own journey toward living a low tox lifestyle, both from my professional and personal experience, which helped me overcome fertility challenges and a host of health problems. If I can help even one person avoid the challenges I went through, then it's all worth it.

My Story

Even though I studied toxicity for many, many years I never thought twice about what I was putting on or in my body until I suffered a health crisis triggered by chronic stress and a toxic, conventional lifestyle back in 2012. I found myself dealing with horrible physical ailments like leaky gut, brain fog, autoimmunity, and adrenal burnout in addition to mental health issues like anxiety, depression and full-blown panic attacks, which took the enjoyment out of my life for several years.

After exhausting all my resources within allopathic medicine and getting nowhere, I eventually turned to functional medicine and holistic healing to help me find the root causes of my conditions. I changed my diet, lifestyle, and adopted a mindfulness and meditation practice, which drastically improved my health. But there was still that missing piece I needed to figure out to get myself back to feeling 100%. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks – I needed to address the issue of environmental toxin exposure through food, air, water, personal care products, furniture, clothing, and so much more. Once I ditched the toxins I felt like the younger, more vibrant version of myself again!

As time went on, I realized that what I learned in school and on the job aren’t universal truths, and there’s another perspective that aligns with my personal and professional experiences. This perspective is a low tox lifestyle. 

It has been a journey, evolution, and awakening that has given me a new found passion for helping others to avoid the mistakes and pain I experienced because of a high toxic load.

Every single day, I hear from people around the world who have felt the powerful benefits of simply shifting their mindset, questioning convention, and adapting their lifestyle to minimize toxin exposure while supporting cellular detoxification – the core components of a low tox lifestyle.

No matter how “small,” every single swap or shift has a butterfly effect that will give, not only you but your future generations, the opportunity to thrive despite our polluted environment.

You hold the power to change your trajectory and experience a lifestyle that supports both human and environmental health. We are one with the environment, so being more conscious and aware of our impact helps influence our  buying decisions, which benefits everyone. What they say is true, you are casting a vote with every dollar spent. Let’s make it count toward creating a healthier world for everyone!

It’s truly my greatest honor to support moms who do the heavy lifting as gatekeepers of our health and homes. I know the challenges of balancing the demands of motherhood while navigating the complex world of toxins and I’m dedicated to making it as simple as possible for families around the world.