The Best Organic Makeup Brands on Amazon That Are Affordable and Actually Work!

Have you been looking for affordable organic makeup that won’t break the bank? One of the biggest myths about a low-toxicity (low-tox) lifestyle is that switching to healthier products is too expensive and unattainable for most. Well keep reading because it’s actually super quick and easy to find organic makeup on Amazon. YES – Amazon!

In my very first YouTube video, (oh yeah did I mention I launched a YouTube channel?! HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT FOR ME!) I show you the absolute best brands that are going to get you the glow and the glam that you’ve been looking for with zero toxic ingredients! I talk about some key things to know when it comes to using organic makeup:

  • What is organic makeup?
  • Why is it important to use organic makeup?
  • How to find affordable organic makeup on Amazon
  • Examples of organic makeup you can easily find on Amazon

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What is organic makeup anyway?

It’s actually makeup or cosmetics that are made with wholesome, organically grown plant materials, or they can also be of animal origin. What that means is that organic makeup isn’t necessarily vegan or without animal products.

Beeswax is a perfect example of an animal-derived product that can be USDA Organic certified, which is what you’ll want to look for since the word “organic” on its own is actually not federally regulated. This means that if a product says it’s “organic” it doesn’t really mean much. Always check for the seal!

Why is using organic makeup important?

Well, for starters, it significantly reduces your exposure to certain things like:

  • synthetic fertilizers
  • synthetic pesticides
  • synthetic herbicides
  • inherently non-GMO by law

USDA organic certified ingredients have to meet all four of those criteria.

It’s actually a misconception that organic certified means that there are no pesticides used. It’s simply not true, but what it does mean that synthetic herbicides like glyphosate, cannot be used.

Some of the main benefits of using organic makeup is that you’re then using products made with wholesome, minimally processed ingredients, such as plant extracts, oils, juices, and waxes and butters that actually have proven health benefits for our skin. Not to mention there are significantly less pesticides and herbicides that are used simply because of how the ingredients were grown.

This is important, especially for products that go in and around your mouth.

Why? Because not only are you applying it to your lips, it’s also possibly being ingested and therefore swallowed. So then you would be exposed not only through your skin, not only through your lips, but also through your digestive tract. And it would therefore be more of a systemic exposure.

Always be on the lookout for toxic preservatives.

Preservatives are necessary to maintain the freshness and the stability of your product, so that funguses, bacteria, mold, and yeast don’t grow in the product potentially leading to harmful infections.

The key to remember is that if your product contains water, there must be a preservation system present in order to prevent these types of things from growing and therefore putting you at risk for infection.

Not saying that all preservatives are bad, though. There are certain types that are not microbiome-friendly, which is what we must avoid, and certain kinds of are microbiome-friendly.

When you’re looking for an organic product, especially makeup or anything that you put on your skin for that matter, always be on the lookout for toxic preservatives and ingredients that are going to be harsh and possibly cause irritation or sensitization to your skin.

Another major benefit of using organic makeup is that you are actually helping to prevent occupational toxicity and also toxicity to the environment.

Not only are organic makeup products, safer and healthier for you, the consumer, but they’re also preventing the people in the factories who are making these products from being exposed to toxic intermediates, chemicals and ingredients that go into making a lot of the conventional products that you might see on store shelves.

Furthermore, there won’t be any toxic waste generated that must to be dumped into the environment. Therefore, you’re also helping to protect the environment. That’s why it’s super important to use organic makeup as much as possible for those three reasons. Now I’m going to walk you through step-by-step and show you just how simple it is to find organic makeup on Amazon.

How to Find Affordable Organic Makeup on Amazon

All I did was literally type in the words, “organic makeup” in the search bar. I started scrolling and there a bunch of brands that you would normally see in your conventional stores. I know that those are not organic, so I looked for brands I’ve never heard of before and here’s what I found:

My Tried-and-True Organic Makeup Brands

HAN Skincare Cheek & Lip Tint

This is a multi-stick so you can use it on both your lips and your cheeks. I always recommend going for a product like this, simply because you’re going to get more bang for your buck since you can use it in more than one way.

PRO TIP: anything that is cream-based, must ideally be organic because it’s going to have more of a fat content and, therefore, a higher rate of absorption of anything else that’s in that product simply because the base ingredients are fat soluble.

BaeBlu Organic Cheek Tint
BaeBlu Organic Concealer

One of my absolute favorite organic makeup brands is BaeBlu. Not only are their products mainly organic but also vegan and cruelty-free. The products I’ve tried rival cult favorite MAC, but with zero toxic ingredients!

Brands I Have Not Tried But Contain Healthy, Organic Ingredients

Mom’s Secret 100% Natural Foundation
Fifth & Skin Better’n Ur Skin MINERAL MAKEUP PRIMER
Harvest Natural Beauty – Perfecting Organic Liquid Foundation

I have not tried these products before, but based on the ratings, price point, and of course the ingredients I would try these brands.

And there you have it! Now you see how quick & easy it is to find the best organic makeup on Amazon. You might have to scroll and click through a couple of pages of the results, but I guarantee you it’s worth it!

Now, you might be wondering, well, what about the ingredients in the other products that I’m using? Should I be concerned with those? I created a free guide just for you that outlines step-by-step exactly what you need to do in order to remove toxic products from your life and get healthier and significantly reduce your toxic exposure.


And if you want to join a secret society of women, just like you, I have a community on Facebook that is absolutely free called this toxin-free life, where you will see some of my best tips, tricks, and hacks for reducing your toxic exposure for getting healthy and for also being more eco-friendly and living a more sustainable ethical and eco-friendly lifestyle.



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