Best Low Tox Sunscreens on Amazon 2022

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Summer is here and being outside is one of our family’s favorite activities, but skin damage and sun burns are a risk. Most sunscreens on the market contain questionable ingredients like potential endocrine-disruptors (PMID: 28959646) and neurotoxicants (PMID: 34351731). That’s why I’m sharing my best low tox sunscreens on Amazon for 2022, so you can enjoy time outdoors without the fear of toxic chemicals harming your family’s health.


Two Peas Organics Mineral Sunscreen

This is my #1 top choice for cream-based sunscreen for several reasons:

✅ Mineral-based up to SPF 50 (zinc oxide)

✅ Organic, plant-based ingredients

✅ Virtually scent-free (it has an earthy note that quickly dissipates)

Badger SPF 40 Baby Sunscreen Cream

✅ Mineral-based up to SPF 40 (uncoated zinc oxide)

✅ Organic, plant-based ingredients

✅ Available in stores

This one has a stronger earthy scent that my kids don’t love, but it’s an incredible option especially if you prefer to shop in stores or if you run out in a pinch!

Raw Elements Baby + Kids SPF 30 Organic Sunscreen Lotion

✅ Mineral-based up to SPF 30 (non-nano zinc oxide)

✅ Organic, plant-based ingredients

✅ Zero waste, plastic-free packaging

Thinkbaby SPF 30 Sunscreen Stick

✅ Mineral-based up to SPF 30 (non-nano zinc oxide)

✅ Extremely easy to apply especially on little faces

✅Affordable price (non-organic ingredients)


These sunscreens are safer than conventional options.

  • Sunscreen is meant to protect you and should not present risks to your health or the environment.
  • If there is a lower risk option available to you and you’re able to get it, then that would be a safer choice.
  • Choosing low tox products in zero waste packaging is the ideal way to minimize your toxic exposure and environmental impact.


I hope these sunscreen options fit your needs and budget! Always check the ingredients in your cosmetic & personal care products to ensure that you’re not inadvertently exposing yourself to toxicants.

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